Woods Hole Folk Music Society Woods Hole Folk Music Society
2017 - 2018 Concert Series

November 6, 2016: Gordon Bok

Gordon Bok  Perennial favorite Gordon Bok is returning to Woods Hole again! This legendary performer from Camden, Maine has written many memorable songs and stories based on people around him who lived on the water. His mellow baritone weaves compelling tales of sailors, seals, schooners and mythical sea folk. A master of 6- and 12-string guitar and cellamba (his own invention), he has made dozens of solo and collaborative albums featuring both contemporary and traditional material, and his songs are sung by performers around the globe. A cross-cultural pioneer, he helped to bring music of South America to American folk culture and also played a key role in preserving Kalmyk Mongolian songs. A brilliant wood carver, his exquisite bas-reliefs are in high demand. Gordon's latest album, Then and Now, features remixes of his first 1965 recording as well as new material from his home studio. His music is timeless and heartwarming. Come and enjoy an evening with "the poet laureate of those who go down to the sea in ships."
For more info visit: www.gordonbok.com/

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