Woods Hole Folk Music Society Woods Hole Folk Music Society
2018 - 2019

October 27, 2018: Sarah McQuaid

Sarah McQuaidSarah McQuaid's rich alto voice has been likened to malt whiskey, melted chocolate and "honey poured into wine" (Minor 7th). Born in Spain, raised in Chicago and now living in rural England, this singer-songwriter & guitarist refuses to be pigeonholed, moving easily between traditions and times -- from 16th century lute songs to historic Cuban jazz, from Irish and Appalachian ballads to emotive originals and contemporary pop covers. On stage she seduces audiences with "cheeky banter" as well as stories of life on the road and her childhood in a musical family that included singing legend Gamble Rogers. Sarah McQuaid has four albums and many awards to date, and has performed at major festivals throughout the US and Europe. She authored an acclaimed tutorial on DADGAD guitar tuning, and was once dubbed "guitar queen" for her complex and compelling picking style. Reviewer Gillian Adams calls McQuaid "a captivating performer with a gorgeous voice, a superb collection of albums and a truly adventurous musical nature. Seek her out, right now."
For more info, see her website: www.sarahmcquaid.com

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